Newsletter September 2004


1.    The Results of the Online Survey Evaluating the Hornemann
       Institute’s Web

2.    The Hornemann Institute at the “denkmal 2004” (October 27th – 30th)


Dear newsletter recipients,

this time, the Hornemann Institute will put a special focus on the results of the Online Survey to evaluate its website. This evaluation has been carrying out during the summer 2004.

1.The Results of the Online Survey Evaluating the Hornemann Institute’s Website:
Replies to the English language survey came from seventeen countries, including numerous from the USA. Thirty per cent came from non-native English speakers. Most of the repliers said that they used our website “Seldom” or “Monthly” and that they found the information “Somewhat Useful” or “Very useful”. Of our English language and French language offerings, particularly the database of academic theses and the link list of databases, etc., were employed most. Some considered our website too bare. The loading times were largely termed “OK” and easy or “Fast”. The percentage of women users was greater than men; the age group thirty-one to fifty was by far the largest. Most of the female users were restorers (either self-employed or working for museums and in conservation). The second group worked in associated fields, such as museology, (art) history, ethnology, art trade.

Most of the requests related to expanding the database of academic theses. In response, we shall intensify our public relations work in the English-speaking realm. It would be extremely helpful if you would recommend participation in this worldwide network of knowledge and exchange of information among experts to your colleagues: it is a simple way to make a name for yourself. Moreover, it does not rule out further publication. Quite the contrary. Experience in other fields shows that internet publication of a scientific paper doubles the number of editions of the printed version!

We thank you very much for your participation by answering the questions This evaluation will help us to better respond to your needs and to improve our services for conservators and restorers!


2. The Hornemann Institute at the “denkmal 2004” (October 27th – 30th):
We will be happy to present our new projects and results during this year’s "denkmal 2004", the European fair for Conservation, Restoration and Urban Renewal in Leipzig.
This is a perfect opportunity to look at our online continued education module and to become acquainted with our documentation software hericare. Moreover, you will be able to buy our publications at special fair prices. You will find us in Hall 2 in the area “Info Forum”, stand IF 10. We look forward to your visit.
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Best regards,
the team of the Hornemann Institute