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for restoration and preservation

Church Climate. Preventive conservation of the interior furnishings

Interdisciplinary conference of the HAWK in Hildesheim.
16-18 January 2019

Series of publications

Conference proceedings of consolidation

published as 18th volume of the series of publications


Proceedings of "Sgraffito in Change"

International Conference Sgraffito in Change - Materials, Techniques, Topics, and Preservation

Specialized Wiki (German version:

on the subject of “Salt-based Damage”:

Baroque art in Hildesheim

Art historian research of architecture, interior design and moveable furnishings of Baroque art in Hildesheim

Translations of

EwaGlos: European Illustrated Glossary of Conservation Terms for Wall Paintings and Architectural Surfaces

The primary aim of the Hornemann Institute is world wide knowledge transfer. We customize current scientific results within the scope of conservation and restoration to fit the needs of international specialists.

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