Conference proceedings of the consolidation released

Consolidation is a central task of conversation and restoration, which many other conversation measures are built on. It safeguards aged, weakened material structures by appropriate means and methods, involving questions like how to permanently support hollow sculptures out of thin tin plates, how the consolidant flows underneath loose patches of paint and if siding out of slades is conservable.

On the occasion of its foundation 30 years ago, the conservation study program of the HAWK in Hildesheim organized an international symposium on this subject with about 200 participants in January 2018.

The conference proceedings published by the Hornemann Institute as the 18th volume of its series compromises 16 richly illustrated essays, that present the results of frequently applied or new fundamental research on the consolidation of art and cultural heritage, drafted by experts from Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Malta, Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom. Furthermore, it elucidates consolidation measures and types of application for different materials, that could potentially be applied to objects made out of other materials.

The symposium was an official contribution to the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018. Focusing on the communal and connecting aspects of European culture, the European Commission tries to bring the Europeans closer to Europe by hosting this thematic year.

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Fig. cover, photo: Philip Kron Morelli