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Hericare - Documentation Software and Online-Database for Conservation


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An innovative online database and documentation software titled hericare has recently been developed by the Hornemann Institute, Center for the Preservation of World Cultural Heritage. This paper discribes the idea and concept of hericare-database and hericare-docu, as well as their features and how to access hericare (

hericare serves the proper documentation of preservation projects and offers easy worldwide access to practical and up-to-date information from all lines of specialization in the field of conservation-restoration. hericare's online database provides the data and information on the projects: A variety of features help to search the reports. By way of hericare's documentation software, the preservation projects can be documented on the user's local PC or online. Among other features to facilitate the input, a conversion tool allows the user to continue working on the documentation in his own text processing program (MS Word).

According to the aim of the Hornemann Institute, hericare aims at enabling and supporting world wide knowledge transfer between people involved in this field.

(Paper presented at the ICOM-CC Triennial Meeting Den Haag 2005 during the session of the Documentation Working Group)


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