Daniela Kocheise: Pastose white dots on black surface - a retouching concept for the optical-art painting `concave - convex` (1964) of Almir Mavignier Zurück
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Zusammenfassung: In his optical-art painting `concave - convex` (1964) Almir Mavigniers creates an illusion of dynamic movement by placing pastose white dots on a monochrome black and matte surface. The condition of the painting is complex. Losses in pastose white areas occur as well as flaking of the paint layer and drying cracks in the monochrome black matte surface. The appearance of the painting is highly affected by the drying cracks. This phenomenon is not a singular case in Mavigniers oeuvre. First priority of the thesis is to develop a method for covering the drying cracks by retouching. The treatment proposal is considered based on the investigation of materials, techniques and the cause of the particular damage pattern. The artists` point of view referring to the current state of preservation of this object was included in an ethical discourse that scrutinizes the retouching treatment. The thesis also comprises results of tests that were aiming to find an appropriate retouching material.


weitere Angaben:
  • Hochschule:  TH Köln
  • Art der Arbeit:  Diplomarbeit
  • Erstprüfer:  Prof. Gunnar Heydenreich
  • Zweitprüfer:  Petra Demuth
  • Abgabedatum:  2009

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