Susanne Lorenz: Early industrial decorated papers: scientific technical systematic exemplary for the seegers colledtion. Zurück
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Zusammenfassung: During the industrialization in the 19th century, the decorated paper production changed from craft into an industrial mass production which was accompanied by a multiplication of the forms and the fields of application. Up to now the terminology in the collections of early industrial decorated papers appears unclear and sometimes a little bit confusing, because the decorated papers are mostly arranged according to their outer appearance, for example the visible patterns. However, currently a scientific technical consideration gains acceptance in the field which is based on the used materials and the production technologies. This article gives a first contribution to a technically based systematic of the early industrial decorated papers exemplary for the Seegers collection.
Based on the experience of the restoration of the Seegers collection and on the study of the historical literature on decorated paper technologies, especially the book “Buntpapierfabrikation” by August Weichelt (1908 / 1927), a systematic technical terminology for the early industrial decorated papers is proposed. With these names it will by possible to distinguish more clearly between the old handmade papers and the early industrial papers.
Furthermore, the analysis technique Scanning Electron Microscopy with Energy Dispersive X-ray analysis (SEM-EDX) was used for the first time for chemical analysis of elemental concentrations of decorated paper samples. By EDX experimental information about used materials and production technologies was obtained for these papers, which supports their classification into the proposed technical systematic. The introduced scientific technical system can be further used and extended to describe other collections of early industrial decorated papers.


weitere Angaben:
  • Hochschule:  HAWK Hildesheim/ Holzminden/ Göttingen
  • Art der Arbeit:  Masterarbeit
  • Erstprüfer:  Verw. Prof. Mag. Patricia Engel
  • Zweitprüfer:  Prof. Dr. Thomas Thielmann
  • Abgabedatum:  2006
  • Sprache:  German

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