Majoch, Slawomir; Zulichowski, Michal:

Nieznany obraz malarza Medyceuszy - Pietra Dandiniego. Zagadnienia artystyczne i konserwatorskie
Unknown Painting by the Medici's Painter, Pietro Dandini Artistic and Conservation Issues


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Pietro Dandini i Andrea Scacciati. Alegoria jesieni, Fot. SBA, Rzym
Pietro Dandini i Andrea Scacciati. Alegoria jesieni, Fot. SBA, Rzym
This paper is a result of preliminary investigations performed in cooperation with an art historian and conservator. The subject of the studies is the painting The Vision of Saint Antonio from Padova discovered in the Fathers Capuchins' Convent in Cracow. Oil painting of 197x130 cm was handed in to the Department of Conservation of Easel Paintings at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. On the grounds of the signature found on the painting (Fig. 2), as well as the formal and comparative analysis, the authors ascribe the painting to Pietro Dandini, a painter from Florence who created at the turn of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. They perceive the influence of Pietro da Cortona and Antonio Allegrio called Correggio in the presentation of particular figures, and they compare the painting with other works by Dandini : The Assumption of Maria Assisted by St Peter and St Augustine from San Pietro Church in Colle Val d'Elsa (Fig. 3), the decoration of the church dome Santa Maria Maddalena de'Pazzi in Florence (Fig. 4), the frescos in the Ognissanti Chapel in Villa della
Petraia (Fig. 5) and Saint Antonio from the Cloister of Museo di San Marco in Florence (Fig. 6). At the same time they attempt to prove that a bouquet of flowers in the painting (Fig. 7) was painted by a painter of still nature – Andrea Scacciati (Fig. 8-9) - Dandini's frequent co-operator. Basing their thesis on the archive materials found in the Florence Archivio Provinciale dei Cappuccini as well as the correspondence published by S. Ciampi, the authors prove that the painting was painted in 1700 on the order of the Capuchin Fathers from Cracow. Apart from the painting with Saint Antonio, the paintings with Saint Francisco of Assisi (Fig. 10) and Saint Kajetan (Fig. 11) were also ordered. Further part focuses on technological issues that prove the authenticity of the painting. The paper fmishes with the presentation of the painting's condition and conservation works.

Polish Essay with English abstract from the book
Korzeniowski,Tomasz (wyd.): Materiały II, Ogólnopolskiej Konferencji Naukowej Studentów Konserwacji Zabytków,Toruń, 24 - 26 lutego 2000 r., Tom II, Toruń 2000 (= Studenci o konserwacji 2)


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