Kołodziejczyk, Sylvia; Kaleta, Milena:

Adaptacja zabytkowej synagogi w Przysusze na cele kulturalno - oświatowe
The Adaptation of the Historical Synagogue for Cultural and Educational Purposes


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Filar bimy i ściągi stalowe
Filar bimy i ściągi stalowe
The subject matter of this paper presents the problems related to the adaptation of the historical synagogue in Przysusze. This object constitutes the subject of the authors' diploma work. The historical outline of the construction was briefly presented. The construction and conservation inventory including graphic works, photographs, and the concept of spatial and programmed adaptation were also discussed. Having taken into account the character of the object, its applications and the needs of the local community, as well as having questioned the representatives of the Jewish population, the adaptation of the building for the centre of cultural and scientific meetings was decided. The paper finishes with the conclusion that the adaptation of the historical building involves not only typically conservatory problems but also several problems of a construction nature. These problems can only be solved by an engineer who is aware of the fact that his suggestions cannot diminish the historical value of the object in any way.

Polish Essay with English abstract from the book
Korzeniowski,Tomasz (wyd.): Materiały II, Ogólnopolskiej Konferencji Naukowej Studentów Konserwacji Zabytków,Toruń, 24 - 26 lutego 2000 r., Tom II, Toruń 2000 (= Studenci o konserwacji 2)


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  • Kołodziejczyk, Sylvia; Kaleta, Milena (Autor/in)