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Problematyka konserwatorska terenów pofortecznych dawnej Twierdzy Zamość
Conservation issues of the post-fortress regions the former Zamosc Fortress


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The scope of the work combines the following issues: the construction stages of the Zamosc fortifications, the record of the preserved ramparts, the state of investigations into the issues of the post-fortress regions of the former Zamosc fortress, the course of major conservation works, and conclusive remarks. The ramparts of Zamosc were constructed in several stages. The Renaissance bastion fortifications of irregular heptagon planned in 1587 – 1619 constitute the core of the construction. Bemardo Morando, an Italian architect, was the planner of the town and its fortifications. In the seventeenth century, alongside the development of the town, the transformations of its fortifications took place. The works were directed by, among others: Andrea dell Aqua and Jan Michal Link. The most significant modernisation of the Zamosc fortifications, however, occurred at the beginning of the nineteenth century, when Zamosc was considered an important fortress. After its liquidation in 1866 many defence tools were removed and the remaining ones were either used for civil purposes, or left to ruin. Before the Second World War and in the post-war years there were many studies into the issues of post-fortress regions conducted by, among others: J. Zachwatowicz, J. A. Milobedzkj, z. Haman, and recently J. Mach i A. Piatek. The resolutions concerned clear determination of the fortification outline: some elements were to be reconstructed, the others were to be preserved. Reconstruction works of several objects were carried out. The Seventh Bastion and the Old Lubelska Gate. Despite an extensive programme of conservation works, a lot of the defence elements of the former Zamosc Fortress have remained in the state of ruin, or they have been destroyed by users who neglect their historical value (for example, the market fairs in the NK-2 retrenchment and the platform of the Seventh Bastion).
Taking into account the fact that it is difficult to find an appropriate
function for the post-fortress objects (this problem concerns all town-fortresses),
a sad conclusion may be drawn. In spite of all the effort to work out further
management plans of the post-fortress regions, it is not possible to alter their
present condition.

Polish Essay with English abstract from the book
Korzeniowski,Tomasz (wyd.): Materialy II, Ogólnopolskiej Konferencji Naukowej Studentów Konserwacji Zabytków,Torun, 24 - 26 lutego 2000 r., Tom II, Torun 2000 (= Studenci o konserwacji 2)


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