Birkenbeul, Ina:


For the thirtieth anniversary of the restoration study programs at the HAWK University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hildesheim, we have chosen the conference topic ''consolidation'' as an essential task of conservation and restoration as well as a task held in common by all conservation specializations at the HAWK: Books and Paper, Polychrome Wooden Objects and Paintings, Furniture and Wooden Objects, Stone and Ceramics, and Wall paintings/Architectural surfaces.
This conference and its papers deal exclusively with the selection and placement of consolidation materials. With this thematic focus we want to provide a forum for various conservation-related disciplines to exchange information and to encourage the adaption of proven methods in other conservation fields. Therefore, as a way of inspiring new solutions, current research results based on innovative methods will be presented and discussed in view of their transferability to other kinds of cultural heritage objects.
In the Call for Papers we looked for recent research projects or practical experiences based on the following topics:
- Criteria for choosing suitable consolidants (e.g. their qualities, penetration behavior and bonding capacity)
- Influences of application methods on the conservation result and the further development of these methods
- Determining the necessary degree of consolidation, assessing the long-term success of the conservation and its verification
- Special solutions (innovative, technical or material), including those derived from other scientific disciplines
The conference organizers hope that this conference and its papers will encourage the participants and audience to engage in a more intensive dialogue across the different conservation fields.