Thomas Brachert publishes addenda to his lexicon

Volume 13 of the series of the Hornemann Institute presents additions and corrections to the "Lexikon historischer Maltechniken"

Rarely a scientist or a scholar succeeds in writing a book that becomes a standard work within a few years: Dr. Thomas Brachert managed this with his lexicon of historical painting techniques. With the now published addendum to the renowned " Lexikon historischer Maltechniken”, the author published the long-awaited appendix of his extensive collection of materials on the history of art techniques of 2001. He was able to include other historic written sources as well as new research from colleagues. The supplementary volume will take a prominent place next to the dictionary, which quickly became a standard literature of conservation science.


Cover of the book Nachträge und Corrigenda zum "Lexikon historischer Maltechniken. Quellen - Handwerk - Technologie - Alchemie"; (c) Hornemann Institut