Registered Project for EXPO 2000

In December 1998, the Hornemann Institute was registered as main part of the official project for EXPO 2000 titled: "World Cultural Heritage - A Global Challenge". For EXPO 2000, the Hornemann Institute

  • organized, within the framework of the European Union's "Euro-Mediterranean Program", and in cooperation with the city of Hildesheim, an exhibition on current methods of conserving cultural heritage in the Mediterranean countries,

  • prepared an exhibition about the preservation and the history of the construction, the art and the conservation-restoration of the cloister of St. Michael's Church, Hildesheim, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site,

  • presented a regional cultural heritage route which predominantly deals with special questions of conservation and restoration of medieval churches,

  • offered a homepage containing information services and multi-media continuing training modules.


Logo: Expo 2000

"World Cultural Heritage - A Global Challenge" belonged to the non-central EXPO-projects "City and Region as Exhibits". This first German-hosted world exposition was neither a temporally nor a geographically limited event: The decentralized projects continue even after the change of the millennium.

"World Cultural Heritage - A Global Challenge" was chosen because the project did not limit itself to informing the public at EXPO 2000 of the problems related to the threats which many cultural treasures are exposed to. Rather, the project continues to offer innovative and future-orientated answers to the challenges of our time.

The Hornemann Institute presented its results within the framework of the EXPO-exhibition in Hildesheim, which featured current conservation measures on cultural heritage of the Mediterranean countries.

Below: Bust of an Egyptian king, (4th c. B.C), above: view into the head; (c) Roemer- and Pelizaeus-Museum GmbH, Graphics: Gerd Finkel, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hildesheim/Holzminden/Göttingen, Picture logo of the Hornemann Institute