The Kaiserhaus - the first location of the intstitute

When the Hornemann Institute started up on
1 Nov 1998, it established its offices in the so-called "Kaiserhaus" ("Imperial House") in Hildesheim for its first three years. The show façade of the old Kaiserhaus, which was destroyed on 22 March 1945, has been integrated in its west side.

The historical Kaiserhaus was built in 1585/87. Its stone façade, decorated with small parts, constituted a strong contrast with the prestigious civil building style in Hildesheim of that time. The Kaiserhaus derived its name from the stone images of the first 46 Roman emperors in medallions which were integrated in the street façade.

The history of the house's construction, its artistry and its development in the course of time, its former coloration, as well as its owner's need for a prestigious building style has been dealt within a book which was published in spring 2000, as the first volume of the series of publications by the Hornemann Institute.

Decorated stone façade; (c) University of Applied Siences and Arts Hildesheim/Holzminden/Göttingen, Clemens Cappen