Newsletter April 2015

  1. New electronic publications for conservators
  2. Online Courses in 2015
  3. Saltwiki
  4. New book: conference proceedings "Geteilt - Vereint
  5. The 3rd Forum Medieval Art, Hildesheim, 16-19/09/2015
  6. News from the Hildesheim restoration programmes: Move
  7. Hornemann Institute publishes annual report 2014

1) EwaGlos: European Illustrated Glossary for Conservation Terms of Wall Painting and Architectural Surfaces now online

Nearly 60 scientists from 12 countries have defined during the last 12 months about 200 terms of the conservation / restoration of wall painting / architectural surfaces, annotated and illustrated, first in English, then in another ten languages.
A preliminary version version is available where you will find:

  1. Art and Craft Techniques
    (Construction, surface design, construction aids)
  2. Condition
    (Deterioration sources, deterioration phenomena)
  3. Interventions
    (Documentation and investigation, preventive conservation, conservation, restoration)
  4. Materials appendix

We kindly ask the international community for a feedback and suggestions to one or more terms.

2) New electronic publications for conservators

Anke Schäning:
Synthetische organische Farbmittel aus einer technologischen Materialsammlung des 19./20. Jahrhunderts: Identifizierung, Klassifizierung und ihre Verwendung sowie Akzeptanz in (Künstler-) Farben Anfang des 20. Jahrhunderts, Dissertation, Wien 2010
doi: 10.5165/hawk-hhg/229
Wolfgang Viöl, Kirsti Krügener: 
Modellhafte Entwicklung und Anwendung eines innovativen Systems zur berührungs- und zerstörungsfreien Schadensanalyse von umweltgeschädigten Steinobjekten unter Einsatz der Terahertz (THz) Strahlung
doi: 10.5165/hawk-hhg/222
Jünemann, Marcus:
Ein Kästchen von Abraham Roentgen, um 1760/65. Technologische Untersuchungen, Erstellung eines Konservierungs- und Restaurierungskonzeptes sowie dessen Umsetzung, FH Potsdam, 2013

In addition, we published recently many abstracts of academic theses in the conservation field on our website.


3) Online Courses in 2015

20 April to 14 June 2015

Only in German:

28 September to 29 November 2015

Only in German:

4) Saltwiki

Saltwiki, our wiki about salt, has been expanded continuously: The English SaltWiki reached now more than 207,000 calls. The German Salzwiki version had more than 336,000 page views until December 2014. There were 35 new publications as full texts in 2014, so that there are now 135 full texts. The specialized bibliography lists 2,228 titles.


5) New book: conference proceedings "Geteilt - Vereint"

25 years after the reunification of Germany 17 conference papers are published in a richly illustrated book. The proceedings illustrate the preservation of monuments and sites after 1945 in Central Europe on both sides of the Iron Curtain. With contributions by 18 authors from five countries, the situation of monument’s preservation in a divided and reunited Germany is integrated in its Central and Eastern European context. All these countries look back on common preservation traditions which were affected most heavily by the division.
This complex issue is discussed under the different perspectives of regions and generations, with contributions from eyewitnesses and young professionals.
The conference proceedings are published in the Series of publications by the Hornemann Institute, volume 16, and by the German National Committee of ICOMOS, volume 59

6) The 3rd Forum Medieval Art, Hildesheim, 16-19/09/2015

The Forum is a biannual, methodologically open colloquium, organized by the Deutscher Verein für Kunstwissenschaft e.V. at alternating places to present recent research on medieval art in Europe as an interdisciplinary platform for exchange and discussion.
After the first two conferences in Halberstadt (2011) and Freiburg/Breisgau (2013), which were focused on the 13th, 14th and 15th centuries the anniversary of the foundation of the diocese of Hildesheim in 815 offers the opportunity to concentrate on the arts up to c. 1250 under a broad geographical horizon.
Registration opens: 1 May 2015 on the website of the Mittelalterkongress

7) News from the Hildesheim restoration programmes: Move

The two workshops of paintings and wooden object restoration have moved to the new HAWK campus at the Weinberg.

8) Hornemann Institute publishes annual report 2014

The full text annual report 2014 (in German) is available now.