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International Conferences

Consolidation & Communication
Materials and Methods for the Consolidation of Cultural Heritage: An Interdisciplinary Dialogue
International conference of the HAWK University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hildesheim/Holzminden/Göttingen
25- 27 January 2018, Dommuseum Hildesheim

The symposium aims to promote an exchange between the different disciplines of conservation:  As a way of inspiring new solutions, current research results based on innovative methods should be presented and discussed in view of their transferability to other kinds of cultural heritage objects.
However, we have only three English presentations. A simultaneous translation is unfortunately not possible due to the costs. For registration and draft agenda see here.

Sgraffito Conference - November 2017
The International Sgraffito Conference at the HAWK in Hildesheim received very good feedback. There will appear various readings, among others by ourselves on the institute conference website. In addition, a bilingual abstract booklet was published for the conference.



Conference Papers
Laue, Steffen (Ed.)
Proceedings of SWBSS 2017. Fourth International Conference on Salt Weathering of Buildings and Stone Sculptures. University of Applied Sciences, Potsdam, Germany, 20-22 September 2017
doi: 10.5165/hawk-hhg/315
The conference brought together conservators, restorers, engineers, architects, academics, students and experienced researchers and hence contributes to the promotion of research and development within the field of salt weathering of porous materials. The main topics of the conference were
- Environmental aspects related to salt sources
- Transport phenomena and salt crystallisation
- Measurement techniques
- Desalination techniques
- Conservation issues
- Case studies
The proceedings of the conference are available for download at www.saltwiki.net.

Posters of the Sgraffito Conference in Hildesheim

Recordings of lectures from the Hornemann Kolleg

A video-recording of the Hornemann Kolleg 11 is availabe free of charge: Dr. Claudia Höhl "The Hildesheim Golden Madonna in Change, c. 1000 – 2015".


Continuing Training


From April 9 to June 10, 2018

only in German:

These are self-learning courses for restorers. For professional or technical questions a conservator helps you. Due to the facts that everybody decides when and where he/she learns and the long duration of the courses,a later access is possible.
Distant students will be granted a Hornemann Institute certificate upon successful completion of the program and passing a final online examination.
Restorers on all continents learn with the online courses of the Hornemann Institute. An overview can be found here.


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