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The economist Benjamin Franklin already knew: "An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest". Today, we would like to put a special focus on our conferences.

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International Conferences

Sgraffito Conference in November 2017 - Registration is open until 15th of October
Until 15th of October, you still have the possibility to register for the International Sgraffito Conference from 2 to 4 November 2017 at the HAWK in Hildesheim (Germany). There will be speakers from Germany, the Czech Republic, Italy, Poland, Austria, Belgium and Switzerland. The conference will focus on the material, technical and thematic change of these special plaster decorations from the Middle Ages to the late 20th century. Further information you can find here.

Consolidation Conference - registration is open
The restoration study program of the University of Applied Siences and Arts in Hildesheim (HAWK) organizes an international conference on "Consolidation and Communication" from 25 to 27 January 2018 in Hildesheim (Germany): The conference aims to promote an exchange between the different disciplines of restoration and among others encourage the adaptation of best practices of consolidation in a new context.
For registration and draft agenda see here.
Registration is required due to the limited capacity of the conference room. We also recommend to arrange your accomodation soon as a popular festival of light art, the so-called "Lichtungen", will take place parallel to the conference and attract thousands of visitors.

Learning via Internet

Online courses

Our training courses aim at those who (have to) put their emphasis on flexibility. The modules facilitate individual studying with regard to time management, learning speed and the depth of knowledge you wish to achieve. You can check your personal progress with the help of tests. Tutors will assist you whenever you encounter technical or content-related difficulties. Distant students will be granted a Hornemann Institute certificate upon successful completion of the program and passing a final on-line examination.

From 18 September to 19 November 2017 we offer these online courses:
- Microbial Infestation of Objects of Art and Cultural Heritage by Prof. Dr. Karin Petersen and Barbara Hentschel M.A.
- The Examination of Transparent Coatings on Furniture and Wooden Objects by Prof. Dr. Gerdi Maierbacher-Legl, Dr. Julia Schultz M.A. and Merle Strätling M.A.
- Conservation of Globes by Mag. Dr. hab. Patricia Engel and Michael Højlund Rasmussen

only in German:
- Dokumentationsfotografie (Documention Photography) by Barbara Hentschel M.A. and Dipl.-Des. Clemens Kappen
- Erhaltung von Wachsmoulagen (Conservation of Wax Moulages) by Dipl.-Rest. Johanna Lang and others

For further Information see here.


EwaGlos - Arabic translation is online

The Arabic translation of EwaGlos (European Illustrated Glossary of Conservation Terms for Wall Paintings and Architectural Surfaces) is online. You find it here.
Professor Dr. Hussein Mohamed Ali from the Department of Conservation at Minia University in Egypt and Guest Professor at the Yarmouk University in Jordan has been responsible for this Arabic version. If you have any comments, please contact him directly: Hussein_M_Ali@yahoo.com
For the case that someone would like to translate EwaGlos as voluntary work and to publish it on this website, we have prepared a template so that everybody can do it easily including an own foreword and a list of the translators.
Full text publications of research papers (in German)
Hempel, Rainer:
Schlussbericht Kugelwasserturm Ilsede. Modellhafte Anwendung von Lasertechnik zur Entschichtung und Abreinigung eines bedeutenden Industriedenkmals
doi: 10.5165/hawk-hhg/312

Lietz, Bettina:  
Edelputze und Steinputze. Materialfarbige Gestaltungen an Putzfassaden des 19. und 20. Jahrhunderts mit farbigem Trockenmörtel – Entwicklung wirtschaftlicher und substanzschonender Erhaltungstechnologien
doi: 10.5165/hawk-hhg/313

Lehrberger, Gerhard; Plehwe-Leisen, Esther:
Projekt: Beispielhafte Erhaltung von umweltgeschädigten Kulturgütern aus Oolithkalkstein des Savonnières-Typs (Kurzbericht)
doi: 10.5165/hawk-hhg/314

Recordings of lectures from the Hornemann Kolleg
Two video-recordings of the Hornemann Kolleg 10 are availabe free of charge:

10 May 2017: Hanno Alsen M.A., Hildesheim
Mehr Komposit geht nicht! - Materialvielfalt an Modellen aus den 1960er Jahren
7 June 2017: Dipl.-Rest. Carola Klinzmann, Museumslandschaft Hessen Kassel
Eine bunte Mischung: Materialvielfalt in der Möbelrestaurierung

Specialised information via internet


Both the English "SaltWiki" and the German "SalzWiki" are still very strongly received. If you would like to use the free platform as a quick publication path on the topic of salts and cultural property or if you would like to be an editor in order to contribute to the improvement of the quality, please contact us! You can get a personal explanation of the wikis at SWBSS (Salt Weathering of Buildings and Stone Sculptures) from 20 - 22 September 2017 at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam.

Just updated: List of literature resources at www.hornemann-institut.de
Once again, the Hornemann Institute has updated its service for literature search and procurement.Here you can find
• Interdisciplinary Library Catalogues
• Special Library Catalogues
• Document delivery
• Lists of available books
• Bibliographies
• Electronic Journals
• Manuscripts
• Images and Photos
• Archives    
For the resources of other providers recommended by us, we added the section "Games", since digital games are getting more and more weight in science. To date, however, we have only referred to the playful recording of art historian themes, such as "Four Last Things" with the time travel of a pilgrim, a "Monty Python fanboy",

On our own behalf

New in the team: Roksana Jachim M.A.
Roksana Jachim M.A., specialised in the conservation/restoration of Polychrome Wooden Objects and Paintings, supports the team part time.

Your feedback helps!
Every now and then, errors of the software have to be cleaned up: This happens and is nothing unusual in such a complex portal. We would like to encourage you to continue to give us feedback if something does not work "properly". Immediate action is not always possible, after your report we decide directly, what is important and what can still wait.

From the Hildesheim restoration programs

Completed bachelor theses 2017

Büttner, Meike:
Hinterfüllmörtel zur Anbindung von historischen Kalkmörteln auf gipsbelasteten Lehmuntergründen
injection mortars for the backfilling of historical lime plaster and clay subsoil with potential sulfate burden

Chao, Hsiao-Hsuan:
Ein Gemälde von Egbert van der Poel auf Metall. Konzept zur Festigung der Bildschicht
A Painting of Egbert van der Poel on metallic Support. Concept of Consolidation for Paint Layers

Dafler, Julia:

Totengedenken: Zwei Ahnenfiguren der Tabarinseln. Untersuchung und Behandlungskonzept
Commemoration of the dead: Two ancestral figures of the Tabar Islands
Investigation and concept of treatment

Dreessen, Marlies:
Untersuchung und Entwicklung eines Behandlungskonzeptes für zwei Pastorenporträts mit Schimmelbefall aus St. Katharinen in Braunschweig
Investigation and development of a treatment concept for two pastoral portraits with mold infestation from the St. Catherine´s church in Brunswick

Gerlach, Lisa Marie:
Schieferkonservierung. Versuche zur Festigung degradierter Tonschieferplatten mit Acrylmonomer-Mischungen
Conservation of Slate. Attempts to the consolidation of degraded clay slate with acrylic monomer mixtures

Glaubitz, Laura:
Totengedenken: Zwei Ahnenfiguren der Tabarinseln.Untersuchung und Behandlungskonzept
Commemoration of the dead: Two ancestral figures of the Tabar Islands. Investigation and concept of treatment

Graf, Juliane:
Stabilisierende Konservierung an frühneuzeitlichen Einbänden der Dombibliothek Hildesheim
Stabilising conservation of early period bindings from the Dombibliothek in Hildesheim.

Hellbach, Pieter:
Monitoring Konzept für ein frei bewittertes Sandsteinmonument "Häerdgeslay" Altlinster/Lux
The development of a monitoring concept for a sandstone monument exposed to weathering „Häerdgeslay“ Altlinster/G.D: Luxembourg

Henningsen, Kristina:
Ein Esszimmer von Fritz Schumacher um 1905 aus dem Haus Lorenzen in Flensburg. Bestandsaufnahme und Dokumentation des Zustandes
A dining room from 1905 attributet to Fritz Schumacher of the house "Lorenzen" in Flensburg -
Inventory and documentation of condition

Hunziker, Salome:
Die Zusammenführung eines Altars von 1572 im Augustinermuseum Freiburg. Untersuchung bestehender Divergenzen und Angleichung des Erhaltungszustands durch digitale Retusche
The reunification of an altar from 1572 in the Augustinermuseum Freiburg.
Examination of existing divergences and adjustment of the conservation status by digital retouching

Kahl, Merit Leona:
Eine vierteilige Sitzgruppe des 18. Jh. aus dem Städtischen Museum Braunschweig. Befundsicherung und Erhaltungskonzept
A four-piece furniture of the 18th century from the Municipal Museum Brunswick. Object Investigation and Conservation Concept

Oster, Jennifer:
Untersuchung und Entwicklung eines Behandlungskonzeptes für zwei Pastorenporträts  mit Schimmelbefall aus St. Katharinen in Braunschwei
Investigation and development of a treatment concept for two pastoral portraits with mold infestation from the St. Catherine´s church in Brunswick

Pape, Annabelle Philine:

Gezupft und nicht geschlagen!
Eine Objektdokumentation des Cembalos von Pascal Taskin, 1787, Paris, aus dem Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg.
Plucked and not punched! An object documentation of the harpsichord by Pascal Taskin, 1787, Paris, exhibited in the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg.

Schaub, Yvonne:
Ein Beitrag zu historischen Restaurierungstechniken von Tafelmalerei. - Das Spalten und Parkettieren beidseitig bemalter Retabelflügel, am Beispiel der Passionsretabel von Meister Bertram und vom Meister des Lamberti- Altars, heute in der Landesgalerie Hannover
A contribution to historical restoration techniques of panel painting. - The splitting and parqueting on both sides painted retabel wings, the example of the Passionretabel by Meister Bertram and the master of the Lamberti altar, now in the Landesgalerie Hanover

Schwarzenberg, Christine:
Konzept zur Konservierung und Restaurierung des Gemäldes "Die Taube" (1949) von Waltraute Macke-Brüggemann aus dem Roemer- und Pelizaeus-Museum Hildesheim
Concept for conservation and restoration of the painting "Die Taube" (1949) by Waltraute Macke-Brüggemann of the Roemer- und Pelizaeus-Museum Hildesheim

Tischer, Luisa:
Latexreinigung - Untersuchungen zu den fluoreszierenden Rückständen
Latex cleaning - Investigation to the arrears

Tönjes, Josefin:

"Als Zeichen des Dankes" - Ein Widmungsschrank des Kunstvereins Hannover von 1901 im Besitz des Historischen Museums Hannover - Technologische Untersuchung und kunsthistorische Einordnung
A dedicated cabinet from the Kunstverein Hannover (1901) in possession of the historical museum Hannover - Technological investigation and classification in art history

Voll, Alexandra:
Aufbewahrungskonzept für die Ölstudien auf Leinwand aus dem Nachlass Carl Oesterleys (1805-1891)
Concept for Carl Oesterleys (1805-1891) oil sketches and studies

Zlatkov, Johannes:
Die Möbelsammlung des Museums für Handwerke und angewandte Kunst in Troyan, Bulgarien
Zustandserfassung und Dokumentation im Depot Stadthaus
The Examination and Documentation of the Furniture Collection in Storage at the Museum of Folk Craft and Applied Arts, Troyan, Bulgaria


Completed master theses 2017

Arinchikhina, Tatiana:
Zur Delaminierung kommerzieller Selbstklebefolien - konservierungswissenschaftliche Überlegungen am Beispiel zweier Landkarten aus dem Museum Bad Münder
About delamination of commercial self-adhesive foils – conservational-scientific considerations on the example of two maps from the museum Bad Muender

Bös, Eva:
Die Präsentation von Handschriften im künftigen Deutschen Romantik-Museum Frankfurt am Main. Systematische und konservierungswissenschaftliche Überlegungen
The Presentation of Manuscripts in the future "Deutsches Romantik-Museum" (German Museum of Romanticism) Frankfurt am Main. Systematic and Preservative Considerations

Handke, Lisa:
Entfernung von Verunreinigungen in der Papierrestaurierung
Removal of Impurities in the Field of Paper Conservation

Müller, Nadine:
Celluloseether zum Verkleben von Holztafeln - auf der Suche nach einer Alternative zu Tylose MH 1000
Cellulose ethers for the gluing of wood panels - looking for an alternative for Tylose MH 1000

Nithack, Friederike J.:

Leitfaden und Schulung für den Umgang mit Schimmel und Schimmelverdacht in der Schweizerischen Nationalbibliothek
Guideline and training program for the handling of mould and mould suspicion at the Swiss National Library

Sander, Annika:
Untersuchungen zur Schimmelpilzbelastung im Depot eines Freilichtmuseums in Norwegen
Examination of the infestation of mould in the underground depot of an outdoor museum in Norway


The team of the Hornemann Institute
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