Medieval town halls in Lower Saxony and Bremen

History - Art - Preservation
Regional cultural heritage Routes, vol. 2
ed. by Ursula Schädler-Saub and Angela Weyer 
Petersberg 2003
184 p., 222 images, among those almost 100 colored

Introducing a new regional cultural heritage route, the book will be a guide to ten historical town hall buildings in the Federal States of Lower Saxony and Bremen:
Brunswick (Old Town Hall), Bremen, Duderstadt, Einbeck, Goettingen, Goslar, Hanover (Old Town Hall), Hildesheim, Lueneburg and Osnabrueck. 

These monuments are important examples of the prestigious secular building style characteristic of the late Middle Ages and of the early Modern Age. Their location with regard to urban development, their architecture, their architectural sculpture and, above all, their elaborate fitments bear witness of civic pride and of their creators' political ideals. To this day, these buildings with their decoration and furnishings, especially the sophisticated, representational iconographic schemes in the grand halls, are held in high esteem. The activities of conservation and refinement through restoration, carried out on the buildings during the past two centuries, show this in a remarkable way.

Complementing these novel insights into the various modifications which the town halls have undergone, several essays by renowned authors will be compiled for this book, delving into the historico-cultural context as far as contemporary findings in the fields of history, architecture, art-history and urban development are concerned.

This modern synthesis permits a comprehensive understanding of the town hall buildings over the centuries.

The new cultural heritage route appeared in summer 2003, as volume 6 within the series of publications by the Hornemann Institute. Language: German

Townhall of Lueneburg, "Gerichtslaube", view towards southeast