Newsletter January 2016

  1. New electronic publications for conservators
  2. Online Courses in 2016
  3. Video from Forum medieval Art, Hildesheim, September 2015
  4. News from the Hildesheim restoration programs: conference 19th February 2016
  5. Hornemann Institute publishes annual report 2015

1) Survey on EwaGlos: help us to improve the glossary

From 2013 to 2015 a consortium of seven institutions - supported by associated partners and external experts - developed a richly illustrated glossary of conservation terms for wall paintings and architectural surfaces, the so called EwaGlos (European Illustrated Glossary of Conservation Terms for Wall Paintings and Architectural Surfaces).
The consortium is currently undertaking a survey to gather feedback about the experiences of the users in order to publish an improved edition if necessary. We kindly invite you to complete this online survey. On the basis of your feedback the consortium will be able to identify the areas in which the glossary can be improved.
Soon you will find the survey on the Ewaglos Website.

2) New electronic publications for conservators


Thomas Brachert´s addenda to his lexicon
With the published addendum to the renowned "Lexikon historischer Maltechniken”, Thomas Brachert published the long-awaited appendix of his extensive collection of materials on the history of art techniques of 2001. He was able to include other historic written sources as well as new research from colleagues. The printed book is not available anymore and is now published as e-publication.
DOI: 10.5165/hawk-hhg/277

Academic theses

Nusser, Amélie;  Freitag, Markus; Fuhrmann, Annegret; Herm, Christoph; Osterloh, Kurt; Reiche, Ina; Schwabe, Andreas; Simon, Stefan: Analyse historischer Carbolineumimprägnierungen als Grundlage konservatorischer Dekontaminierung und modellhafte Erprobung neuer Sanierungstechnologien, Projektbericht 2015
doi: 10.5165/hawk-hhg/232
Petersen, Karin: Entwicklung von Konservierungsmaterialien und –techniken zum Schutz von Kulturgut vor anthropogen induzierter mikrobieller Zerstörung am Beispiel der Ev. – ref. Dorfkirche zu Sonneborn“, Projektbericht 2014
doi: 10.5165/hawk-hhg/219
Kustow, Tamara Dharma: Das abgenommene Fragment einer mittelalterlichen Wandmalerei aus dem Brandenburger Dom, Untersuchung und Vorschläge zur Restaurierung und Konservierung, Diplomarbeit, FH Potsdam 2012
doi: 10.5165/hawk-hhg/230

Schäning, Anke:
Synthetische organische Farbmittel aus einer technologischen Materialsammlung des 19./20. Jahrhunderts: Identifizierung, Klassifizierung und ihre Verwendung sowie Akzeptanz in (Künstler-) Farben Anfang des 20. Jahrhunderts, (Synthetic organic colorants of a 19th/20th century collection: Identification, classification and investigations into their use and acceptance in early 20th century (artists’) paints), Dissertation, Wien 2010
doi: 10.5165/hawk-hhg/229
Hübner, Benjamin: Induktionsverfahren als Ausbleiungsmethode von Verbindungsstählen Eine Projektstudie zur induktiven Ausbleiungsmethode unter Verwendung eines Induktionsheizgerätes (Induction technique to dismantling of steel. A study to use an induction heater of removing practice)
This paper wants to find an answer to the influences and conditions of the removal, focusing on different profiles and the deep integration of concrete cubes. To generate the temperatures and their course in a simulation, a calculation software of thermal bridges was used. In the study, the surface temperature is documented with the help of a thermal imaging.
In addition, we published many abstracts of academic theses in the conservation field recently on our website.


3) Online Courses in 2016

18 April to 19 June 2016

Only in German:

19 September to 20 November 2016

Only in German:

Further information


4) Video from Forum Medieval Art, Hildesheim, September 2015

From September 16–19, 2015 the third "Forum Medieval Art" had been held in Hildesheim with the support of the Hornemann Institute. The focus of the conference was the art history of the early and high Middle Ages with archaeological, historic preservation and restoration issues.
The program can be found here.
A new video clip of the HAWK summarizes the impressions.

5) News from the Hildesheim restoration programs: conference 19th February 2016

On February 19, the Hildesheim cultural heritage conservation programs organize a conference. Theses and ongoing projects of the various disciplines of conservation and restoration will be presented and discussed. Programme and information on registration can be found here.

6) Hornemann Institute publishes annual report 2015

The full text annual report 2015 is available (in German) now.